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Monday, December 30, 2013

Afghan Discussion

Several times in the last few weeks I have been asked about afghans, what fabric to use, why and when.   In the past afghans were often designed to be stitched on Hearthside (do I have that right?) where there are distinctive separations between the blocks.  I did such as afghan when I did Nature's Home, which I finished in 2006. 

 As you can see, I have it on display in my craft room.  (Pardon the mess!)  I think this looks great but I found it difficult to 'match up' the squares/blocks.  I stitched this over several years.  Each time I had to remember how it worked.  Where blocks have stitching that goes across the divide, it is hard to do the match up and have it look right.  I am told that finding this particular fabric/afghan is getting more and more difficult.  If anyone has one that they would like to get rid of, let me know.

My current afghan is also a Stoney Creek.  This one calls for a plain fabric.  I believe I am using Lugana.  The blocks will be matched up stitch by stitch and side by side.  No separation between the blocks to confuse the stitcher.  I actually also have another afghan in construction.  Hummingbird Trellis on an afghan fabric.  If I had my way, I would do all afghans on the plain fabrics.  I just think it is easier to work on and to match up each block. 

I hope I have answered all the questions.  If not, let me know and the discussion can continue.


ivan koki said...

I am really glad to read it and being able to share my thoughts on it. I want
to use this opportunity to say that I really love this blog. It is an amazing resource of information for my working. Thank you so much.

Ann C. said...

Your afghan is beautiful. I love the bright Christmas colours. What size canvas are you using? What count? Is it aida, evenweave, or linen?


Faith... said...

Your afghan is STUNNING! I look forward to following your progress on the one you are stitching now.

valerie said...

hello Tassy,

I am an admirer of your work and I adore the afgan of christmas afgan village which you make.
I come towards you because I have big one problems. Being in France I cannot have the subscriptions stoney creek and thus I was not able to have magazines to be able to realize this afgan.
Where from this sending. Would be you all right to sell me either magazines or blocks of the christmas village afgan so that I can realize him(it).
Thank you of you answer and excuses me with you for this demand(request) so particular;