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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Homework Complete

Hi All.  It is certainly a very busy time for me.  Camp has progressed out of the ground.  Yippee!!!  I see water lines, electric lines and septic hook up.  Monday should see the actual building starting to happen.  I am thrilled.  I have been busy with plumbing fixture, hardware, appliance and electrical selections.  So far - - about all I have to show is a parking lot.

 Meanwhile the Stitcher's Hideaway Retreat is coming up next month.  I am signed up and my project kit arrived.  I have been very busy getting my homework done.  I did it today!!  All cross stitch and klosters and satin stitches on the roofs are complete.  I need buttons, beads and hardanger which should all wait until the retreat. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Busy Fall - So Far

I have been so very busy.  Next up is picking out plumbing, electrical and hardware stuff for the new camp.  The roof will be green metal and the siding is vinyl in browns with cream colored trip.  The framing will begin on the 21st.  The site work continues and should be done soon. 

 I think it looks like a cemetery at this point. The land keeps shifting and getting moved around so it is hard to figure it all out.  This is a slope that will be made to get to the front door, which is on the river side.
If I were to stand close to where the front door will be, this is the path alongside the camp heading to the parking lot.  There are those boulders again.

Just this morning I finished up the sides of the cabin for Stitcher's Hideaway.  They are done except for the buttons and beads.

This is the front and back of the cabin.  Next up is the roof parts.

Friday, September 4, 2015

End of Summer Update

Forgive me!!!  I am ignoring my duties here.  I know it but things are happening.  I have lots of pictures and lots of things are happening.  Summer is closing down.  Trees are already turning color.  It is quite dry here.  I might (and I mean might) have to mow for the third time this year.  Wow!!  Meanwhile I keep track of progress on camp, help out with my son's recent knee surgery and stitch when I can.  I have joined the too many at one time club..... but I do have a few finishes.  So here we go:

II had a request for water bottle covers.  I have three done but I also ordered more yarn with more colors so.... more to come.  Anyone else interested?  Cute!  Stretchy and they definitely identify your water bottle when in a crowd.

The pansy table runner is completely done.  I am quite proud of this one.

Lorri Birmingham's Busy Bee cover for a little tin.  I just got bored with other stitch projects one day and decided to do this one.  I did it in less than a day.  Now?  When will I do the finishing?  That is another topic.

This is today's project.  Victoria Sampler Retreat project - homework for an October gathering..... it is a Stitcher's Hideaway Gingerbread house. I sorted, prepped the fabric and got this done while stitching on the deck this afternoon.  I was busy watching deer, turkeys and squirrels.... so there were distractions.

Dimensions Cabin Fever.  I hit a wall.  When did Dimension kits get so complicated?  Single strand up to five strands per stitch?  Half stitch, full stitch....  blended thread colors.  It is a challenge.  I know it doesn't look like much now but someday.....

Victoria Sampler Stitching Witches.  My tribute to fall.  I love the colors and the silks.  That is a witch's dress on the right.  I really should get back to this one.

Scissors Fob by Shepherds Bush.  It was a quick stitch project for the hospital waiting room.  I got it started but then Linda (son's girl friend) helped out some with adding some stitches.  I really could do that one is a day or two - - where is the time?

Piers are being formed.  Footers are already poured.  The river is out there, you just can't see it.  I try to check on the site every Friday.  So far, so good.... but it seems very slow.  The schedule calls for this to be done in January?  Grrrrr.  We shall see.  I dream of sitting on the new porch and stitching all summer long - next year.