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Monday, December 16, 2013

Pretty presents and some stitching done

The sun was out bright and beautiful today.  The sky was so blue.  I did get out and did some errands and shopping.  I watched the deer today.  I now see them almost every day as they look for corn my neighbor puts out for them.  This evening one deer stood in my back yard for quite some time.  Was she watching me watching her?  Today my Secret Santa package arrived.  I took a photo.  They look so pretty and I will be waiting until Christmas to open them.

I also had a bit of time to get some more stitching done.  Part of my shopping today was purchasing more DMC floss for just this project.  More snow is due in the morning so I hope to get some more stitching done then.

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willmania said...

I just searched for a completed picture of the afghan you're working on & boy, is it beautiful! I can't imagine working on a project that large. Do you actually have to hold all that material on your lap when sewing or is it something you sew in pieces & then sew together when all finished? Anyway, I enjoy watching the progress on your projects. Thank you for sharing them with us!