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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two Projects and a busy time!!!!

Victoria Sampler's Stitchin Witches!!!  It is a start.  This is fussy work and it takes some concentration.  I do love the colors.  I am guessing that she is doing crazy quilt embroidery work on a quilt of fall colors?

This is Lizzie Kate's 3 Little Words.  I am on the second chart.  It is simple stitching and nice to just pick up now and then.

Now to explain my absence.  I am so busy with CAMP!!!  We received the approval we had been waiting oh so long for, on July 2th, Jack's birthday.  Thank you Jack.  Now I am busy with contracts, financing and preparing.  I am picking roof colors, siding colors, interiors, the list goes on and on.  Demolition and site work begin on August 1st.  For all those people that have been following this long, drawn out progress while wishing hoping and praying..... it is about to happen.  I am struggling to figure out photos.  My usual camera died.  My iPhone is great but I can't talk to this blog.... so today I am using my really old, reliable, still working SL digital camera.  I will figure it out as I need to document the progress as I move forward with camp.  I need a name.  My parents called it Floods Ebb.  (Last name was Flood and it is at an ebb in the river.)  I am not sure I want that name.  Any ideas?  This summer is about to get very busy.  Hang on and let's hope for the absolute best!!!!!