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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Village Done!

Finally I am done.  The backstitching went on and on.  I didn't think it would ever end.  I am so happy to have this one done.  The next project will not be done over one or so tiny.  I need to work on something a bit easier.  So now three of the four seasons is done.

Camp Update:  Still waiting on permits.  Insurance is being discussed.  We are hoping to begin construction the middle of July.  Finish by the end of summer.  I still have my fingers crossed. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Welcome Summer

Hi.  I am still here.  I have not been stitching very much as I have been busy with lots of other things.  I actually wonder how anyone can find time to work and still get things done around the house, make the phone calls, keep the appointments and still find time to decompress and actually sleep.  I will post a photo of the Summer Village by Stoney Creek.  Cross stitch is done and I only have back stitching left to do.  I hope to put some time in on it soon.

Camp?  At the moment I am reeling from the bottom line price I was recently given.  I am unsure what to do.  The cost is much, much more than I was counting on.  There are a few things that we can change to help lower the price and I am considering it.  As it would happen, the project manager is taking a vacation this week so I have some time to stop and ponder the question.

Meanwhile I am exhausted and in recovery.  My big brother came for a visit (and camp meeting).  When he is in town we never stop moving.  I have a ton of things accomplished and lots of fun things going on but I am also sleep deprived and weary.  One of our projects this week was to get the cushions for Daddy's chair.  It still needs arms and those are made.  I hope to find a paint to match the cushions.  Here it is. 

My brother also brought me a gift.  I now have my older sister (Love You Jayne)'s BB gun.  I am having a ball shooting targets and scaring off the squirrels.  Annie Oakley, here I am.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Missing in Actioin?

I guess I have been.  It has been a month since I set up a post.  One problem is that I take photos on the iPad and can't do the blog post there.  I have to move it to the old lap top or take photos with digital camera and load them up. I know!  I know!  No excuse!!  Throw those items in with a busy spring, camp progress and not a lot of stitching. 

This spring has been a struggle.   One friend said that year three was just as difficult just different.  It is true.  I am learning to live alone, without my Jack.  Some days are better than others.  Recently the distractions include the new camp.  Here is a photo.

Construction to start July 1.  Big meetings going on and lots of dreams and plans are being talked about and set up.  The shed dormers (upper roof part) is still up for discussion.  We shall see and know more next week.

I have been stitching.  I am working on the last house and the left side of the Summer Village by Stoney Creek.  Stitching over one on 25 count.  I am starting to crave stitching. Maybe tonight I will get some time to try it out.