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Friday, March 27, 2015

Time for an Update

It has been almost a week since I posted.  So sorry.  I have been busy.  I have also been saying very bad words as I watch the snow.  Make it stop!  Where is spring?  I will admit that the snow on the roof is almost gone.  Snow banks are shrinking.  Temperatures during the day are slowly rising but then they dip right back down again.  Grrrr.  So while it snows, I stitch.  I finished the Little Grey Hare by Lizzie Kate.  Very nice spring colors which brighten my day.

Then I decided to move on and do some hardanger.  So I picked up a Pocket Keepsake by Nordic Needle.  It was quick and easy to stitch.  It now needs finishing time.  The good news is that the stitching is done.

Next I decided that something quick and easy might be warranted.  So now I am working on Hands On Design's March for the Year in Chalk.  I have been making great progress on it. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Am Back Stitching On My Own

Winter is hanging on right into spring.  Snow flurries were blowing around outside today.  The snow is melting and the snow banks are shorter but it is still winter in my neck of the woods.  I finished the model (I will post once it is released) and moved on to my own projects.

This morning I put the beads and beard on the Santa.  This is Mill Hill's Pine Tree Santa.  He is ready to be cut out and then glued to felt with a hanger.  That makes three for this year!!

Then I had to start something new so I started Lizzie Kate's Little Grey Hare.  I have it about half done!!  I put out spring flowers around the house yesterday and I need to find my Easter decorations soon.  Pastels are calling my name.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Market Stash and some News

Hi All.  Spring is arriving slowly on the hill.  Another tree fell on the drive but the new trusty chain saw was handy to help take care of it.  Thanks to my very handsome son.  Meanwhile I can't post my recent stitching.  I am stitching for a designer and the model should be done tomorrow.  I will post photos once the design is released.  Meanwhile, for those of you in the cross stitch world, the Nashville market represents the spring release of many new things.  My market things are so much fun to dream about.  But I really do have to stick to the model and get it done.

Here are some photos of recent acquisitions:

I also have spent some time with a smile on my face lately.  I have a big event coming up soon.  I just have to share.  I will be attending the Make a Wish gala.  Formal attire. Dinner.  Silent auction.  The limo will pick me up in the early evening to insure that I arrive on time.  (Giggle, Giggle).  I am considering wearing a tiara and taking along a wand.  What do you think?  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pine Tree Santa

I have been stitching as I watch spring arrive.  Just the other day, the snow banks melted two feet or more.  The snow on the roof is melting and the driveway is clear.  I have been able to get out and actually walk to the mail box!  Fun, fun, fun.  I have been stitching a new Santa.  I also started another table topper with hardanger - - I owe you a photo.  I also agreed to model stitch for a designer.  Why?  I don't know.  But as I await the package of supplies to arrive, I want to get a lot done!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hoppington Hill is Ready for Finishing

Here it is.  It has been difficult to focus and stitch.  I haven't really been all that busy.  I have spent more time on digital jigsaw puzzles than I care to admit.  I hope I can get back to my stitching.  Spring is in the air and I was able to go for a walk today.  The ice was gone from the driveway!! Yippee!!!  I sure scared the turkeys.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hoppington Hill and some fussy finishing

Hi All.  I know I have been missing.  Mom always said that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  I have to admit that cabin fever or winter doldrums have found me.  It snows and then it gets really cold.  Too cold to go out or do anything.  I find it difficult to find any ambition for much of anything.  The weather guy now promises warmer temperatures.  We are cheering for temperatures in the 20s.  I find it hard to believe these snow banks will ever melt.  But slowly we are seeing signs.  The Lake George Winter Carnival was a huge success and the ice sculptures will hang around for weeks to come.  I have done a bit of stitching.  I did do the Victoria Sampler's tray project.  There was two days of finish work there.  I am not thrilled with the way it came out but it is done.  I have also been working away on Hoppington Hill.  One more block to stitch.

I am enjoying the spring colors but I find it hard to settle down and work on it.