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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Santa's Progress

A bit headless right now.  I spent most of the afternoon stitching and watching Downton Abbey.  Ohhh it is so fun to have the whole new season to watch before it appears on TV.  I won't tell a thing.  Mum is the word. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

One done and another started......

So the January - Hands On Design - A Year in Chalk is done.....

Then I had to find a new project.  What about another Santa?  So I started Juniper Santa.....

I put the checkerboard duct tape on the top and bottom of the perforated paper and I experimented with my old scroll bars.... it works out just fine. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Return to XS

I left the hardanger scarf project and returned to cross stitch.  It is my first love and my favorite.  It feels good to be cross stitching again.  It has been a down week with dentist troubles and perhaps some cabin fever setting in.  I just want to sleep.  Between naps I put a few stitches in......

This is done.  Silent Night by Little House Needleworks.  It looks large but it is actually quite small and will make a cute ornament - - for next year.

Then I started this one.  January from a Year in Chalk series from Hands On Designs.  All that is left is two borders and this one will be done.  I am zipping right along.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another part is done

This next section took quite a bit of time.  I have been working on it every day and today I get to discover what comes next.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Meet Williamsburg Santa and a few other projects

Well, he is done.  Ready for cutting and some felt on back with a hanger and he is ready for the Christmas tree.  I am quite proud of him.

Next up was part 5? of the hardanger piece.  This was putting eyelet stitches all around the outside edge of the piece.

Just a few moments ago, I finished part 6? of the same project.  This time they called for cable stitches surrounding various parts of the piece.  I do love the cable stitch.

For comic relief, I started another Christmas piece.  This is the beginning of Little House Needleworks' Silent Night.  This has quite a bit of solid stitching to get through.

As you can see I have been busy with stitching.  Life does continue.  I was called to Grand Jury duty and I was very lucky to be dismissed with full credit and no other visits from me.  Between that and several other things going on at the house, I have certainly been busy.  Today I even shoveled as we had quite a bit of 'no snow' to clear off the walk.  The turkeys and deer keep me company. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Williamsburg Santa and a Thank You

 I was cleaning up my craft room and I discovered this very nice bunch of fabric.  This was a very special present from a very nice friend.  I need to send her a thank you email as I believe I failed to do that just at the holiday time.  This will be added to my stash and used for who knows what.  I love the fall colors.  Hummmm - it does get my thoughts churning.

Mill Hill's Williamsburg Santa is ready for beads and beard.  Very cute.  Stitching on perforated paper is a bit different.  I like these as ornaments.  I trim the excess paper away and then I glue it to some felt with a hanger.  Easy to do and it looks impressive.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Progress Has Been Made and duct tape to the rescue

I have been busy with the new hardanger piece.  I did have to take a break and start something new.  The weather has been bitter cold and we have had some snow.  Perfect for stitching.  Here is the latest photo.  Parts one, two, three and four are now complete.

 There is a lot of work represented there.  Mostly kloster blocks.  I do wonder why a tailored buttonhole stitch was called for.  I seem to run into this new buttonhole stitch more lately.  (that was in the darker color).  If anyone knows why one buttonhole stitch would be better than another, I would love to hear from you.

I took a break and started Williamsburg Santa.  I have his vest, pants, legs and shoes done.  This is a Mill Hill kit so there are empty spaces for the beads that will be added last.  In order to work on this, I had to do some creative stuff.  I purchased a special frame for doing paper projects.  The frame is made for working on a desk top.  I really didn't care for it as I stitch in my recliner.  So I adapted by using my regular scroll frame parts and my lap stand.  The paper had to be lengthened in order to work.  Checkered duct tape to the rescue!!