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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yes, the Afghan is large!!!

I suppose I should confess that this isn't my first afghan.  I did one from 2001 through 2006?  I really don't remember.  I did Stoney Creek's Nature's Home.  I did 4 or 5 squares every winter.  I count each block as a single project.  (After all that is how the charts are done...)  I only work on the afghan in the winter because the fabric is draped all over me while I stitch.  Generally I roll up the excess and put a clamp on it to help keep it out of the way.  I also work to have my water glass and phone handy by so that once I get started I don't need to get up too quick.  They are a lot of work but I do enjoy them.  Here is today's progress.

When I am not working on the afghan it sits on the floor.  (Horrors!!)  Here it is.  There is a lap stand under all that fabric.

Today was a snow day.  I am not sure how much snow we received today.  I shoveled about three inches off the sidewalk.  Light and fluffy snow because it is soooo very cold outside.  Last night the back yard was fully lit up with the moon casting shadows from through the trees.  I love to see it but it does mean it is cold, cold, cold.  I also had a great time watching the deer today.  I saw six at the neighbors having a snack.  Three of the deer went under the trees, scratched out a small area and laid down for a rest.  I sat here in wonder just looking at them.  Wow - I so love living here!


llknbillburg said...

Your project is lovely but working on something that large must be daunting! But I guess with all the snow you're having you must have lots of stitching time! LOL! Laura

willmania said...

Thanks for answering my question! How wonderful to enjoy the surroundings at your home . . . I'm looking out my sliding glass doors right now & seeing a huge stack of old, busted up yard toys & a falling down swing set (neighbor has lots of kids). Oh, to live in the woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!