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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a quiet day here on the hill.  We have 14.8 inches of snow from yesterday's storm to deal with.  I am shoveled out and the roads seem to be clear now.  I can't remember having so much snow on a Thanksgiving.  It certainly is pretty.  I had a visitor earlier today.

 He had a few friends but I didn't get their photos. 

I was able to begin work on Block #9 of the Hummingbird afghan.  One thing I am very grateful for is my love of crafts and my hobbies.  Thank you Mom for helping me discover what it means to be creative. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

And Now I have Two

I had a need to make a second Down Jingle Pot Road.  I stitched the second one on a 32 count so it is just a bit smaller than the original one.  Snow is coming?  It is nasty rumor in my neck of the woods.  3 to 6 inches.  If that happens tomorrow, perhaps, perhaps I can spend the day in my room doing some finishing of projects.  Instead of spending most of the day driving to and from a distant dentist.  It was worth the trip but it isn't my favorite thing to do.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Block #8 is done

Block #8 of the Stoney Creek Hummingbird Trellis afghan is complete.  I feel a bit like I cheated because this block only has some floweres and the birds butt from above.

This is the whole afghan.  I have a total of ten of the 30 blocks complete at this point.  Yippee Skippy - - I love a finish!!!!  What to do next?  What to do?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Afghans Update

I finished this crochet afghan last evening.  Just the right size for snuggling at night watching TV.  I am so happy to have this done.

Today I made some progress on the afghan block.  I have touched the other side of the block.  The end is in sight.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Confetti Continues

Thanks for the reminder about 'parking' threads.  I haven't really tried it with this one.  I actually have gotten quite good at judging how much floss I need for a small area of a color.  I use the loop start, especially with this being an afghan.  I am about half way across this block now?  I really should be thinking about Christmas ornaments.  But I do love stitching on an afghan.  Especially with the ice and sleet that is happening outside my door.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's a Daisy

I started in the corner and I have a daisy.  I will be cussing soon.  I have never cared much for confetti type stitching. (Just a few stitches of each color and they seem random like confetti.)  At least it is warm to be under the afghan during this cold, cold, cold snap.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Has Arrived

I didn't fall off the earth.  I did seem very busy with lots of little details.  Now the winter chill has descended on us and I am finally getting some stitching done.  First I decided to work on Part 3 of the Sam Sarah project.  The final parts arrived and I wanted to get it done.

 This was when I finished the base stitching and backstitching.  It was then ready for buttons.

Here it is in all it's glory.  This seems like it has been a very long time that I have been working on this one.  I am glad to add it to the finished pile.  But then I had to figure out what else to work on.  I have been cold lately.  I don't dare complain because if I lived near Buffalo, I would be buried in snow about now.  We did get a dusting one day and then it turned cold, cold, cold.  I have to bundle up to go outside but at least I don't have to worry about shoveling it.  My decision is to work on a couple of things.  First - a nice warm afghan.  I pulled out the Hummingbird Trellis project and began work on block #8.
The hummingbird now has a tail.  This block also gets a lot of flowers.  They will be started tonight.  I do love working on afghan fabric.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Need Inspiration

One more strand of white to make a few more snowflakes.  Then there are just a few beads to do.  Why can't I find 20 minutes to finish this one?  ARGH!!  On the other hand, house chores are getting done, I went to a dinner party and life just gets busy around here.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Quiet Day but colder

The base stitching is done!  Next is beads and a ton of backstitching!  I was feeling quite accomplished with all this stitching today.  And so far - - nothing (equipment wise) has broken.  Very quiet day. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Make the FROG go away!!

Whew!  It has been 'a day'.  If one more thing goes wrong.....  What will I do?  The TV box went out yesterday.  In the process of fixing it, the internet went out today.  Meanwhile the dish washer quit working.  Where do I start?  I feel like a ship being pushed around, banging into the docks with no way of stopping it.  Good news.  Tonight all is working including the dish washer.  (As I pat myself on the back for fixing it MySelf.  But not before I hand washed all the dishes in it.)  I have been busy while I was dealing with the cable/phone/internet people.  (Oh did I mention the mouse people?) 

The Mill Hill Wreath is ready to go.  I did the finishing with the beading this morning while I was between appointments.

Yesterday I started Sweetheart Tree Merry Christmas Knob Knocker.  I made good progress.  Of course this one comes with a lot of backstitching and details to add once the base stitching is done.  I also want to show off one of my birthday presents.  I was surprised by a package on the morning of my birthday and it included this stitched box.
A very good and dear friend stitched this for me.  It was filled with an Ink Circles Limited Edition kit, some silk n colors, and a cute tape measure.  It is just so special to have a stitched box from a friend.  I love it.  (You know who you are!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Birthday and some finishes

Yes, I had a birthday.  Every year I get to smile at my new age.  (Long Story short.)  Since I have a late in the year birthday and I the math when asked how old I am, at my birthday I realize that I have spent most of the year thinking I was a year older than I really am.  After all these years you would think I could remember that each year..... but I don't. 

Birthday flowers in a pumpkin flower dish.  I wonder what I will do with the dish once the flowers are gone.  My mind is already spinning.  Oh, and I did get some cards.  I even had them spill over to the hutch for display.

I did get a really special cross stitch gift.  I will share photos on the next blog.  Meanwhile I did get some finishes done. 

Snow in Love by Little House Needleworks is ready for finishing.

 The tree fandangle is ready to be hung up.
I just put the last bead on Mill Hill's Tiny Treasure "Winterbird Wreath".  Quick and easy.  I didn't touch a needle for two days.  I need some serious stitching time.