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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good news - some progress is being made.

Where does the time go?  The Christmas holiday is coming so quickly.  I have so many things I would like to do.  I suppose that "I am speaking to the choir" on that topic.  LOL  Our Thanksgiving was great and I hope that all that read this have also enjoyed wonderful family gatherings and many blessings.

I have been busy.  I am ready for buttons and beads on the Christmas etui.

 All four pieces!!!  I might have to set it aside for a bit while I get Christmas duties completed.

Here is a new Christmas duty!  I have been playing with the new machine and did these five ornaments a couple of days ago.  As I write this I have six white stars stitching up.  I do enjoy doing these but now I want so many to give as gifts!!!  When will I find the time?  I think one of these tied to a ribbon on every gift is a goal I have to work on.  LOL. 


Vicky said...

love the ornaments :)

Jannie said...

Can't wait to see the finish on the Christmas tree, Taffy. Beautiful job.

Smily - Света said...

The ornaments are gorgeous, really! I'd like to have something like this on my tree!