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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Progress and some purple things.....

Old John Wayne movies and some stitching filled my day.  I am oh so close to having block number one completed.  I keep thinking - each and every day - that today is the day that I will have block number one done  I am close.

Purple is my color and now many people know that.  Today I received a bunch of purple treasures.  The bear, pen, note pad, note cards, windows decoration and hand warmers are all in purple and are from family members.  I think I have everyone now convinced that I love, love, love purple.  The teddy is just adorable.

I had two gifts from fellow stitchers.  On the right is a package from Lee.  I love the little towel.  So pretty and I promise to use it.  Also a purple flashlight, purple flosses and a purple thing....  It is a tool for what I am not sure.  On the left is from my Secret Santa Nancy.  Notepad, box with stitching kit to go on top, a kit for a needlebook all purple and greens, a felt and floss kit with a heart shaped pin cushion/sachet.  These are all wonderful choices for me and all quite the surprise when I opened them. 

I had a good Christmas although I was feeling ill for part of it.  I am better tonight and hopefully on the right path.  (Mostly I think I have to ignore the doctor's advice....)  It was my first Christmas without my love and I do miss him.  Trust me when I say he gave a few very nice gifts this year.  I even found a bag that he wrote my name on and I intend to fill it every year with my present from him.  Most of my usual traditions have been packed away and won't be visited again.  I need to make some new traditions.  The weather guy is calling for snow tomorrow?  I might be snowed in?  Gee Darn.  I might have to stitch even more than I did today.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  Christmas should be a time to count our blessings, share with family and do what makes us happy.


Janice said...

Merry Christmas, Taffy!

Kim said...

Merry Christmas Taffy!!!!