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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Such a Surprise and a bit of stitching

 While I took a nap (my sinuses do not like this dry winter weather at all), the mail lady brought me a happy surprise.  I have been looking at these very special fabrics and drooling.  Now Look what has arrived for me.  Cheryl, of PG Peddler, sent me pieces of many of the fabric she designs and uses in her quilts.  I am itching to use them with some applique patterns that I have.  I love them all.  I don't want to open them or begin using them as it is just so much fun and oh so wonderful to look at them all stacked up.  (I wonder how long that will last?) 
I need to think of something special to do for Cheryl, she has been a very good friend for many years and today she sent me some smiles and I do appreciate it.

I also did some stitching.  The machine is also working away.  I did shovel for a bit but my asthma is not liking the super cold temperatures.  I am being careful and resting when I can.  We have a snow storm coming this weekend.  STITCH TIME IS COMING!!! 

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my sinus like yours bother me and get infected every now and them. I also have trigeminial neuralgia in my face. I find that the cool mist humidifier is great. I have a regular sized one that i keep next to my bed at night and a personal sized one that i take with me around the house (i.e.. craft room, sewing and stitching. You don't walk around with a dry mouth or dried nasal stuff. try it because it might help you.....Happy Holidays...God Bless!