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Friday, August 10, 2012

I need strength - -

I did finish my Confetti of hardanger by Bee's Needlworks. Well, i finished part one.  This is a SAL with a specialty stitcher's yahoo group.  I am glad to have this done for now.

Then I moved on to the Isle of Hope.  I am at the darning part.  Darn is now my favorite word.  I am so utterly frustrated at this point that I just want to cut this whole section out of the project.  I hope to get a better shot at it tomorrow.


Linda said...

They both look wonderful to my eyes! Don't get frustrated. You have never been beaten by a difficult project before, and you will win this 'battle' too. Not only will you figure it out, you will beat it into submission and it will end up being breathtaking, as always!

viv said...

Sometimes a new day and a fresh start makes a big difference.
Hang in there. I'm sure you will master it.

PretzelGirl75 said...

It's lovely, Taffy! Don't be discouraged -- you're doing GREAT!