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Monday, August 27, 2012

Deep breath! Another Day of the same piece

It became obvious that I can't count when I went to do a finish on this piece today.  So I left it alone for several hours.  I was thinking of starting over with lots of gridding but I didn't have enough of this fabric to do that. I bit the bullet and started ripping out what didn't work and left what did.  I have one more center design to finish and then the outlines to get corrected.  If I find one more mess to clean up, this piece will become a ball of fire.  Perhaps this type of stitching should not be tried when one is really stressed out. 

It was a good stash day.  Halloween is the theme here.  I found a sale on pumpkin and honeysuckle linen, plus Just Nan's two new charts and Rosewood Manor's Halloween sampler.  I want to stitch it all.
I also received Sue Hillis's chart for Under the Deep Blue Sea.  I have the wool, the hornbook (engaved with Always In Stitches) and the ruler.  I am still waiting for the box and the linen.  I also have the Six Snow Belles.  Well, the first three.  I am have been thinking about the snow belles and snow men from last year.  I saw where one person make pillows of each design.  How about a dozen small pillows.  They could be spread out all over and little grand kids could try to find them?  Or I could do the two large pictures but mix up the guys with the dolls.  That project (or those projects) will have to wait while  I contemplate my options.

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