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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hospital Project Update

Well, now that chemo is cancelled for this week, I wasn't sure I would get a chance to work on this one.  As it happened, I did have time and at the hospital.  My husband was having bleeding issues around this gastric tube and yesterday I put my foot down and we went to the ER.  From there he was admitted and he had surgery last evening to correct the problems.  (We hope)  So today while we were waiting to be discharged, I worked on my little Halloween project.  Jack is doing well for now.  We are both exhausted from the ER/Hospital ordeal.  We are being referred to a major cancer institute in Boston, Mass.  That appointment is currently yet another week away.  I do have to count my stitching as a blessing as otherwise I might have already gone insane. 

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viv said...

One of my favorite pieces, which has long been framed and on the wall, still often causes me to remember one of our daughters coming to me, while I was stitching it, in severe pain. We hurried to the hospital and she had an emergency appendectomy. I look at other pieces and also remember life events that happened while they were in progress. Yes, they help keep us sane and carry little pieces of our journey through life in them. Sending big hugs.