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Friday, August 24, 2012

A little Liberty

This has been my travel project for quite some time.  I finished it this evening.  It is a Lizzie Kate design.  I find it fun and interesting to stitch in public.  Everyone wants to stop and see what I am doing.  Who knows?  Perhaps I will inspire someone to go home and try it or pick up an old project that they have forgotten about.

Meanwhile DH has a new 'button' tube which should work a whole lot better.  We are very happy to have this done and over with.  We are looking forward to at least two days of no appointments or doctors to deal with. 


Jana said...

You have definitely inspired me to stitch more. I had not stitched in years. I started reading your blog and a couple of others, and have started stitching again. So, thank you very much for sharing your love of cross stitch.
I do have a question. Do you typically frame your pieces or how do you finish them? I have trouble deciding what to do with the finished pieces, especially the smaller ones.
Thanks again.

viv said...

Glad your dh has a better solution and you both can have a restful weekend. Love Liberty.

Connie said...

Thanks for the info on XS.

I am so glad the feeding tube issue is resolved! I know that he will be so much more comfortable now!

Love the finish! It's a cute design. Yes, I gotta get busy on a few projects, but I've been working on the house. There's always something!