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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A difficult stitch day

On the left you can see the start of a Halloween ruffle scarf.  Thank Goodness for my MIL.  She figured it out and got me started.  I did a few rows but mostly today I spent on the &^%$ project behind the scarf.  This is Confetti of Hardanger by Bee's Needleworks which is a SAL on a yahoo group.  I have ripped out more than I have stitched.  I have counted upwards, backwards, sideways and to town and back.  I am not sure of anything any more.  I had to pull out the stitches from part one so that part two would maybe work.  I am about to put a torch to the whole thing.  ARGH!!  I had hoped to start a new XS project today but that didn't happen.  It is time for a big deep breath and a good night's sleep.


Bev C said...

Hello Taffy,

I hope you have a better day with this stitching today. Sometimes we just need a break and when we come back to it everything falls into place.

Happy days.

viv said...

How's it going? Did you pick it up again?