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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is it hot enough for you?

It is hot!!!! It has been hot and humid even in our neck of the woods. Tomorrow is supposed to give us some relief. We had the windows open last night and we hope to do the same tonight. It has been hot. The mail lady brought some stash today. This is a series from Blackbird Designs. This is more primitive than I generally like but this one speaks to me. I think it is the strawberries. This chart came with fabric and floss. I want to dive right in.

Alfred thought it was HOT also. He has on his sweat band and used an umbrella while taking in some fresh air on the back deck. He didn't stay very long as it was just too hot.
I did some stitching today. I am not sure I did a single cross stitch. It was all 3 or 4 strand half stitches. Well, at least that type of stitching goes pretty fast. I worked on the green on the right side and more on the newspaper. The newspaper doesn't show up very well.


Jeanne said...

I think we have you beat in the heat car said 103 when I left work today.
I have the Blackbird Loose feathers's going to be gorgeous!!

Anja said...

Oh Taffy,
weather today in North Germany:
13°C, rain since hours, hard wind.

I´m knitting scarves and gloves.
The children asked for kamin fire for todays evening.
These are our summer holidays!
But we feel well and happy.

Liebe herzliche Grüße von Anja