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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Box Covers and just a little bit of stitching -

This is a little kit from Shepherds Bush. I put it on a box the size of an Altoid tin. I like it. I am sure this is a gift for someone.
I started on Max's face. There is a mistake that I believe was recently made. I need to stitch my way out of it at this point.
This is on top of an old Whitman candy tin. I stitched this some time ago. This is a chart called Strawberry Fields Forever. (Beatles tune). The strawberries were stitched with an over dyed floss and stitched over one. I love this piece and I am quite pleased to see it used. The bunch of red stuff in the upper left corner is the trim I plan to put around the outside of this box.

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chrisstitches said...

Amazing progress as always.
chris b