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Monday, July 4, 2011

Frogs for the Fourth

I continued my stitching across the table and just finished working on the frog fishing lure. Thank Goodness I didn't have to frog the frog.... LOL. I am almost at the 25% done point of this project. I should consider doing some back stitching and perhaps a small little project as a nice distraction.


Vicky said...

Wow you are powering through this, great work :)

Kim said...

Your needle must be smoking! Really enjoying watching your progress :)

Anja said...

Oh yes, it is nice to follow your work.
I also fell in love with this project some years ago and the kit is in my stash. But now I can see how much work it is and I am not sure if I am prepared for this.

Your slowly-stitching friend Anja

chrisstitches said...

I enjoy following your work. Thanks for sharing.
chris b.

aaba said...

Wow Taffy, that is a ton of work!