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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fence Sitting and Max Moves Along

Alfred sat on the fence at the marina for a bit yesterday. He was watching the parking lot while all the water activity buzzed behind him. The land behind him is Sagamore Island. It was such a pretty day.
I have made a bit of progress on Max. After I finished the piece for the needle book I had every intention of doing the sampler for the outside of the needle book. But Max was sitting there ready to go and didn't require measuring, calculating or thinking. So Max got some progress. I have even started to work on the canoe. I have to celebrate that this project is now better than 25% stitched, base stitching only. I should take some time and do some back stitching. Nahhhh......

1 comment:

Nancy M said...

I would have to back stitch! If I didn't as I went along, it might not get done in the end!