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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

XS Room Update and Getting Honest on Stitching

We now have drawer fronts. They will be painted white and then they get drawer pulls. We are getting very close to the time I get to start painting the furniture pieces.

Okay. Linda came to visit today and I did some stitching. For those that didn't know, I often have stitching for a week that hasn't made the blog yet. So today you see what I see. This is the pumpkin which is the major part of the wall hanging (in my opinion). He looks a little strange today!

Here is another photo. I am standing in the far corner of my room, looking out the door. That is my stitching chair off in the distance. I am getting so excited about finishing this room. Today the closet was attacked. Seven drawers will be centered on the closet opening. There will be shelves above and a bit of storage on either side. Next for my brain - - shelves or cubes for storage on the far wall? My son thought that the cubes painted alternating white and black (checker board style) would add to my Mary Engelbreit theme for the room. The shelves or cubes would be 16" deep and I have about five feet to play with. What would you do?

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Linda said...

I'm not picturing the starkness of black and white squares against the soft lavender shades of the room. Seems harsh and almost anti-soothing (in my opinion). I get the connection to ME, but I think the size of the cubby boxes will be huge compared to the ME knobs. Maybe I'm wrong and it will look great. Have to wait and see, I guess!