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Monday, April 25, 2011

I am very happy - - Tomorrow I move in!

I took some photos of the room today. Tomorrow I will move in. The hutch now has Mary Engelbriet knobs. The curtains are up.
I hung up my afghan. My closet will be a challenge to decide what goes where. I am thinking a bulletin board over the desk and my Ultimate Daylight lamp on the end of the desk.I put the pole lamp in there. I wish my new glider rocker was ready for pick up. I want to move in and stitch here.
As you go in the double doors to the room, you will see the Nature's Home afghan.
Oh, and I stitched a bit today. This is almost done. I need to outline the letters for 'Nine' and finish the last band of stitchery.


Stitchin' & Scrappin" said...

Absolutely love your stitching room. I'm so jealous that I'm green!!! LOL Buddy did a wonderful job in building your cabinets and your painting looks fantastic. Wishing you many happy hours stitching away in this wonderful room.

Simone said...

It looks wonderful! What a joy it must be to give all your stitching supplies a place in the drawers and cabinet.
Can I borrow your son for a while? ;)

Barbara said...

Your son did an amazing job! The room really looks great, can't wait to see it's once you're all moved in!!