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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Dancing in Lake George!!

It is done, done, done!!!! I just put the last stitch in this project. A single color was a good choice for the crazy last 6 weeks that I have just gone through.
I also finished painting the desk. There is still tape on the floor and on the desk but the painting is done.
This is how it looks from the living room. Wow - - is that really going to be my room?
This banner is huge!! I was surprised to see the size of it. I have been working on a little bit at a time and to see it like this is amazing. I won't miss working is black. I am ready to do some real color.


Claudette497 said...

Congratulations on both finishes! the pumpkin and the painting look great!

Jeanne said...

Looking to see it furnished ..... neat banner!!

Vicky said...

Awesome I love it :)

Teresa said...

Awesome finishes Taffy! the desk and the know, that halloween piece would have also looked great on a purple piece of fabric...maybe you need to do it again for yourself and give that one as a gift. LOL

Sandy F. said...

What is the name & designer of that Halloween piece? I really like it (big surprise!)

Taffy said...

Sandy - the pattern is called Halloween Sophistication and I found it in the magazine At Home with Needlework. It came out a few years ago. I still have the magazine somewhere (I am working for a working copy). I remember that the cover had a Halloween Tablecloth on the front with gingham coral and white. I had a lot of trouble finding the fabrics specified but Cecelia's found it for me. I hope that helps.