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Monday, April 11, 2011

A returned gift and our yard.

This was a needle roll by Shepherds Bush that I stitched for my Aunt. She was a third grade teacher and this was right up her alley. She was unsure what to do with the needle roll so she had it dismantled and framed. She was much happier with this. My Aunt Betty died just over a year ago and this was recently returned to me. She made a note on the back that I had given it to her in 2002.

Our yard. This was taken yesterday and even more snow is gone today. These are our woods. DH walked the perimeter yesterday and from parts of the property, you can't see the house. Oh, and we have a new friend. Harley is a black lab that is very comfortable on our back porch and visiting. Something tells me that he was able to score a few dog treats from the previous owners. Harley lives in a house off in that direction.

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Teresa said...

Enjoy the nature surrounding you as we do, nothing better than sitting outside and stitching to the sounds of wildlife and beautiful green.