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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Late Breaking News - - counter top /Apr 5 part 2

Lookie here!!!! The counter top has a ruler imbedded in it. The hole on this end will hold the sewing machine on a lift and will hide it away when not in use. The blue tape will be removed when we are done. The front (under the ruler) might get sliding glass doors with glass shelves and lights showing off whatever I put in there. The ruler in the counter top is at the top of my work space. This is because I generally cover up whatever flat space in front of me. I am always looking for a measure. It will also be accessible from the XS hutch when I am wondering if the fabric I find is the right size or not.


Jeanne said...


Vicky said...

I am so jealous!!!

Raggedy Ann said...

Everything looks AWESOME!!!

Your husband is very talented indeed. :)

Louise in FL

Connie said...

You must be lucky!! Great, Taffy!