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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peek A Boo - More Pumpkin

The sewing machine lift showed up with the UPS guy this morning. My son installed it. This is where the machine will live when not in use. There will be a cabinet around it to hide it. The right side of the photo shows where the lighted display case will go.

You lift the spot of counter, you push down on the machine and it lifts right up. When I need to use my machine it will come right up and be ready to go.

I did very little stitching today. I am on the hunt for many things for the house. New LR chair, gliding rockers for the craft room and bookshelves. Argh.....


Anja said...

Oh Taffy, it will be a perfect room for you. And it is double gold because it is from your son. All is made with love.
Yesterday I would like to comment, but (also with a dictionary) I did not understand what you meant. Sorry.
Shelves and cubes in black and white??? Is something in black not too hard for the room ? I wish my English would be better.
But I want to say that the floor seems perfect for the room. It is a good companion to the wall color.

Thank you for sharing.
Liebe Grüße von Anja

Shelleen said...

That is so cool.