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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A day in the life - -

Ok, the weather improved a bit today and I was caught sitting outside and stitching on the back porch. I also have a new hair do. I had my hair cut today. It feels so much better.
I did make some progress on my Sam Sarah design. Unfortunately I ran out of Frog Legs (the lighter green). I wrote to the designer and she will send me a bit more. I don't have this particular color in my stash. I hope to finish this tomorrow. I love the purple on the blue. Of course that is what caught my eye to begin with.


Linda said...

It was a bit cool today for porch-sitting. The sun was warm but the breeze had a bite to it. Landon and I went up to Indian Lake to see the flooding. I looked, he slept. Now his mom is home and he's wide awake, heh heh. Haircut looks good! I need one, too. Maybe Monday.

Jeanne said...

Nice......outside stitching can be done around here when the rain lets up for a change. Have to work today so not on the agenda.