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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A boo boo and lots of paint -

Hi Everyone. I am tired this evening. I spent the day painting the new craft room. There is so much to do and it will all need two coats. Argh. Today DH helped some. I hope to see another helper tomorrow. *hint*hint*. Meanwhile I did take a bit of a break between sessions and stitched on the banner. If you notice the upper left section has a major goof. I strayed a bit outside the lines. Yesterday I stitched this motif and then ripped it all out. So it is progress to see that I am this far. I still need to figure out how to fix that goof that still sits there.

I am not showing any photos on the Room as at this point there is very little space and the painting just continues and continues. I hope to make some major step forward tomorrow.

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