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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action and Hiding Places

On the end of my workstation is hidden my sewing machine. In this photo you can also see the front of the workstation which will be a lighted glass encased display area.
Now you see the sewing machine. I open the doors, from underneath I can pop out the insert of top, and then raise the sewing machine. The doors open all the way back so they will be out of my way. The foor pedal will be there for my use. I am so very happy with all of this.
Here are the lights on for the display case. Never mind the dusty foot prints. Argh - - I clean and clean but the saw dust is winning at this point.
Now we have lights in the XS Hutch. These lights are true lights so I can select fabric as I put kits together. My son just thought of everything!


Bronny said...

It's so coming all together. How wonderful to have a craft room that is designed for YOU. And you are still stitching away on so many projects....I am enjoying watching this all come together.

Taffy said...

I am so in love with this room. I am thinking that the paint part (my part) will take a long time but I am finding that some people like to paint. Perhaps I can find some helpers. I am quite proud of my son and his efforts. This is such a wonderful space that we are creating. I could just cry.

kimstitch3 said...

love the way your new stitching area is coming out. lucky girl,lots of work,but well worth it I think