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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lots of Jack O Lanterns

They all have faces.  The ghosts and the Jack o Lanterns.  Plus a few spiders and bats!  Next is the tree truck with one white pumpkin.  Then beads and a charm.  The end is in sight.  What will be next?  I should so something other than Just Nan. 

On the Camp Front:  the layout is under review.  I have very little space and I need it to do all we need.  So I spent some time this weekend reviewing ideas as to how to lay out the rooms in camp.  On the one hand it is easy because there isn't a lot of space.  On the other hand is is difficult because there isn't a lot of space.  I am done, for now, thinking about it.  Tomorrow I will forward the ideas to the builder and see what they think.  More to follow.


Annie said...

Love it!!

nancy said...

those pumpkins grew really fast! I have the same pattern but haven't tackled it yet.