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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It is Fall Y'all

I have been in awe of all the beautiful colors I get to see each day.  I keep trying to get a good photo but they just don't capture the great colors.  This is from my back yard.  Look at that sky! 

I finished it!  Just Nan's Pumpkin Tree is ready for framing.  I thought I might get to it today but it didn't happen. 

Then I started HandsOn Design's Blissfully Unaware.  The bulk of the stitching is that moon.  Wow there is certainly a lot of it.  I love the fabric.  Just perfect.


Annie said...

That tree is beautiful, and a beautiful fall sky! Congrats on a cute finish and a great new start. It's going to be stunning on that fabric!

RuthB said...

Thanks for sharing your little bit of Fall -- it's still summer here. Congrats on the finish and the moon progress -- that is a stunning fabric.....Hopefully it can help you keep your spirits up through all the moon stitching!