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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Guess Where I Spent My Day!

I have a new addition to My Room.  It is a Horn Quilter's Dream Sewing Cabinet.  It fits in quite well with my stitching room.  I fussed and figured and moved things around and then I just had to spend more time in that room so I spent the day stitching in the sunshine.

I decided that I need another fandangle.  So I started this Christmas tree one.  It was fun to work on.


Anonymous said...

where do you buy the fandagle ornament kits? does it have hardanger in it? looks interesting.

Taffy said...

The fan dangle kits are from Nordic Needle. While there is many of the parts of hardanger, there is no cutting. The kits are fun.

Christine said...

It's always great to see other's stitching areas! Makes me want to get my own in order.

Also - Love your pumpkin fandangle!