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Friday, October 31, 2014

2014: Happy Halloween

Just a bit of progress on the snowmen.  Stitching hasn't been a priority of late.  Leaves are falling and that means I spend time dealing with them.  There will be at least one more day of leave grinding.  I have also discovered Zentangle.  Meditation doodling.  Very cool and fun.  There is a rumor that I might see the drawings for the new camp today.  Also I am told that my father's chair (bent metal frame) from the front porch is being cleaned up and refurbished.  Guess what color it will be!!!  Purple!!!  Thank you Butch.


Annie said...

I hate raking leaves...but it's better than shoveling snow!
Your snowmen are adorable!

Maggee said...

A PURPLE chair--love that!! Never heard of zentangle... will search on that after I post this... I'm sure by now you have seen the drawings for the camp... Hope they met with your approval! Hugs!