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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Remarkable Progress

I must apologize for not posting a photo sooner.  I have been stitching like a crazy person.  I have a little bit to do on the peacock square and then there is a small square in the upper corner to do.  I am almost there.  I have been struggling with the loss of my best friend.  To those that follow me, it has been difficult but I am getting through it.  Baby steps with a few major melt downs will get me to a place I need to be.  I would also make a note that it is hard for me to sit through some social situations now.  I was exposed to a husband bashing just the other day.  I have participated in this type of conversations in the past.  I sat there, quietly, turning Jack's ring on my finger.  As I listened to each complaint, each criticism, I wondered how they would feel to lose that person from their life.  It was so hard not to scream, not to break down and cry.  I guess I just want to remind people that words are powerful, taking those you love for granted is normal, and once in awhile perhaps we should stop and consider what we are thinking and saying to the world.


Mary said...

You HAVE made wonderful progress, Taffy!
I get into full speed mode when I am nearing a completion, especially one that's a larger piece.

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear husband.
Yes, I agree that we need to treasure our loved ones and not take them for granted.
My DH had an almost fatal injury last year. It was and is a difficult transition to a new normal.

Sending good wishes and prayers to you!

Smily - Света said...

Looks great!

Brigitte said...

This project is growing and growing and it looks so beautiful. Great progress picture.
Big hugs to you.

blue star stitcher said...

Sending you good thoughts for dealing with such a difficult loss.

Barb said...

So know what you mean on the husband bashing as my friend lost her best friend last April and I have really tried to watch what I say as I know even a bad day with a good husband is better than no days. Thank you for the reminder.

Jentwyn said...

your finish is beautiful!!!
I know the husband bashing must be hard to listen to. However I know from experience perhaps the ones bashing are in a real difficult place of being mistreated and in a trap for now and can't get out of a bad relationship..etc. There are so many reasons for why this might be happening to them. It must feel unfair when you hear that type of thing. Everyones relationships are different. You are so blessed to have experienced a relationship like yours. When you hear the bashing it is another opportunity for you to be grateful that you had such a loving one. And maybe that's your friends way of communicating with you...he is reminding you from the other side how much he loves you. Sending you prayers and hugs.