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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beautiful day and a bit of progress

Pot Pot took a few moments out of his busy work schedule to help Landon play on the tractor.  They had quite the time driving around.

Our latest home improvement project.  The deck is going to be replaced with fancy Trex materials.  I am so excited.

I did some work on the stitching.  I actually tried to take a break today to let my sore muscles relax.  The craft room is better.  Some windows have been washed.  Yesterday the entertainment center held my attention  I am hoping to get some serious stitch time in soon.  Tomorrow the new chair arrives for my craft room.  Yippee Skippy!!!  Should be fun.


Angelina Garcia said...

I followed the story about your new deck from the first post, and I can see the improvements too! I bet you're excited; who wouldn't be? And when you said that it's going to be replaced with some fancy Trex materials, I got even more curious about how it will look like. Please update soon! Angelina Garcia

Cristen Eacret said...

The deck's shaping up quite nicely, Taffy. I like the idea of it being made of trex materials. Similar to vinyl decks, trex is easier to maintain and could last longer with proper care. I look forward to updates and seeing the final reveal. Good luck with your home improvement project! Showtime Vinyl