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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why I didn't Stitch Today - -

Meet Landon. He is a sweet, sweet little boy. I am his Gigi. He came for a visit today and we had so much fun. I will tell you that I am one tired out Gigi. Landon is such a happy kid. He will be one year on November. He has learned to walk but is very wobbly right now. He did like my witch's hat.

He also loves Casper the friendly ghost with blinking red eyes. I did actually get a few strands stitched on the backstitching but I can't even begin to show any of it.


Linda said...

Gigi is understating the day. Landon didn't just come for a visit. He came for a marathon babysitting session, and Gigi was forced to re-sharpen those mothering skills she put away a few years ago (Bud is 36 now!). She and Jack spent an entire day making sure wobbly, top-heavy Landon didn't fall into the fire, get a concussion on the tile floors, fall through the glass doors he loved pounding on, or tumble a** over applecart at every turn! She was a wonderful great-grandmother all day long, making sure Landon had constant play and supervision. She's a GREAT Gigi!!

Anonymous said...

he is so cute!