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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What to do on a rainy afternoon?

How about a nice cheerful fire and a warm cup of coffee while I do some stitching? It worked for me. I did some done but not all that much. I keep staring into the fire. LOL.

I added some more to the tiny sampler that I am working on. The centers of the flowers have been changed to have a different stitch.
Then I tried some back stitching. There are the lures and Twirling Twirps. There is still a ton of work to do.

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Anja said...

Dear Taffy,
nice to follow your work. I think when half of the backstitching is done, you will not stop until you come to the end.

I was at "Needle and Thread" Exhibition in Osnabrück two weeks ago. There I found a floorstand for frames for stitcher that was not too expensive. ( I always had all frames in my hand when I was stitching.)
Now a new world is opened to me. I never thought that I could stitch so fast. To have both hands free for the needle is magic. So simple, why didn´t I do that years earlier? I am so happy.

Weather report North -Germany: After the rainy summer all the plants changed their colours now. And now-the summer comes-. Hot weather since days. Unbelievable.
Not normal, extrem golden October.
I think , after these days, we all will fall very deep, when the real autumn will be here.

I which you a happy stitching Sunday, I will also stitch.(With my new glasses, I never had that before, but now, nearly 50years, I
need that help.) Sooo, I look a little bit more grandma-like.

Liebe,liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Anja