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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am hoping - -

I was hoping to finish this tonight. I would like to return the Grip and Stitch. It has been an interesting trial. Meanwhile this is done over one so it is very tiny. I am almost done. I have to stitch the rest of the two radishes and then two more lines of letters. There is a lower edge border but I want to wait and see if it will fit before I stitch those.
The Grip and Stitch is most interesting. I started with a very small piece of fabric so I could not attach it top and bottom. I can see why people like this. It does keep the fabric very taut. If you stitch while holding the frame, this is lightweight and easy to work with. Linda had trouble getting the lap stand to hold on tight. I solved the problem with some parts of the foam that came in a pen and pencil case. I cut the foam to fit in the clamp and that helped out a lot.

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