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Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Crazy Day - -

Today is a very strange day.  Thunder and wind  - - then blowing rain - - five minutes later?  Sunshine!!  We did get a ride in before the rain came.  I forgot to take the camera.  The colors are going away as the leaves are falling.  I did see some very pretty sites as we went along the river today.  This morning I did complete the sorting, organizing and cleaning up the floss box.  I feel good to have that done.  Then I sat down and did the cutting on the three ornaments.  They are all ready for the next phase.  I know that cutting is very scary for a lot of people.  Start small.  So small that if you made a mistake, no big loss.  I also recommend the books that show you how to recover from a mistake in cutting the wrong thread.  It does work and it can be recovered from.

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