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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy Sunday

Max gets some more stitching

Last box opened!!

I did spend some time on Max.  Can you even see the green fishing line?  I did get quite a bit done before I was tired of it.  Then I attacked the last box!  There was one more box to empty since the move.  It had family treasures that at one time lived in that hutch.  I had packed the things away years ago and it was stored in the basement.  I had asked that it be repacked before the big move.  They didn't do as I asked.  So I had expected everything to be broken.  Can you believe it?  Not a single thing was broken!!  Now I have to wash it all and find a new home for it.  Maybe another day. 

1 comment:

chrisstitches said...

wow all the detail on that max are doing fantastic on it....what a dedicated stitcher.
Glad to hear nothing was broken in the box during the move.
chris b