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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adirondack Museum Day

It was a bit cold and quite cloudy with a misting rain. This was our view at lunch. Amazing scenery. The museum itself is wonderful. I will have to go back again. The history of this area is a fascination for me. I want to learn more.
I found this quilt kit at the museum store. It is put together to be hand stitched and I plan to do that. It is a nine patch so it shouldn't take too long. LOL. There was a quilt show at the museum and it was amazing to see.

Late today, while at home, the sun is making an appearance. We are supposed to have nice weather for the rest of the weekend. We shall see. I had to purchase a jacket today because it was quite cold and damp. I plan to leave it in the car for the next time this happens. When we travel north, I forget that the cold will be there waiting.

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