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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good day, great news and a big sigh - -

I did stitch today. The radio is done. I am moving on to the lamp shade. Meanwhile I went to the dentist - first visit here in the new location (I was a nervous wreck) and all is good there. Meanwhile back at the ranch - my craft room now has a new ceiling fan and light.

When I consider out last six months, I am amazed that we did it. I am glad we did. Would I do it again if I knew what I know now? Yes, I would. I would dread a lot of it. It was a lot of work with the major move. I am becoming more comfortable and glad to be here, now, in my own skin. Over the last six months, there have been times that I wondered what the heck we were doing. Perhaps I feel better about it all because I am finally back to stitching. Stitching has always been a theme in my life. It gets me through rough times, happy times and all the stuff in between. I try to celebrate stitching each and every day.

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