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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where is spring?

Does anyone know where spring is? Yesterday we had hot and humid, horrible weather. Today I am freezing. I call that summer and winter in two days but no spring to speak of. Well, bad weather makes me want to stitch. I am sorry I missed yesterday but it was a busy day with family and I really didn't get much done on the stitching front. Today I made up for it.This really isn't much further but I am enjoying it and I am using the laying tools my brother made. This is a Dimensions kit so I am using 4 strands or 3 strands in some areas. A laying tool helps in those areas.
The Blackbird Design is coming right along. There will be three such baskets. The colors are muted. A Breath of Spring - - I hope it helps spring to find our location.

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