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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It is a good day!

I had nothing planned.  The weather guy said rain and fog but warm temperatures.  I decided that today I needed to clean up the craft room and reorganize some things in there.  Including getting some long ignored mending done.  I was in the midst of doing that when I had a surprise visit from my son.  (Always a treat to spend time with him.)  Plans went out the window and I have yet to touch a needle.  The mending did get done.  Packages did arrive and I have some things ready to leave. 

Let me explain.  I spent 8 hours ( count them -  - 8!!!!) doing the beading on a certain Santa.  I needed to get him ready to leave.  Here he is.

Then I found a package on my door step.  A dear, dear friend stitched me a sleigh!!  Here it is!!!

I was aware of these little goodies but I hadn't seen any 'in person'.  My friend had been talking about them, but I wasn't drawn to them.  But!!  They are fantastic.  So unique.  There is a lot of stitching represented here.  It is oh so wonderful.  ( You know who you are!)


Robin said...

Your Santa looks great! I love your sleigh gift you received!

Robin in Virginia

llknbillburg said...

Your Santa is wonderful!! And how lucky you are to receive that sled. I've heard they are out of stock and won't be available again until the spring so it is an extra special gift! Laura

chickenchupacabra said...

Beautiful, colorful Santa!! & I love the pattern on the sled - any idea what it is?

Jeanne said...

The sleds and designs are from Foxwood Crossings. The is one is called RFD Sledding!

Maggee said...

I am with you--family before chores, cleaning, etc... The Santa is a beautiful project, so your time spent is worth it. And I also received a sled ornament this year! It is already on my ornament tree! Merry Christmas!