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Friday, December 5, 2014

Block #9 is done and the tree is up!

 The tree is up and this year I remembered to put on the many cross stitch ornaments that I have.  So many were made by friends and by myself.  It was thrilling to see each and every one of them.  I haven't seen them in two years because I forgot to put them on the tree last year.  It was fun.  There are ornaments that my husband made that put a few tears in my eyes.  I miss him.

Block #9 is now history.  I finished it today.  Then I took a photo of the whole deal.  I need to make a few ornaments so, for now, the afghan is going back in the closet.

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Maggee said...

Your afghan is the prettiest I have ever seen! Love following along! The holidays always bring fond memories to the forefront. Didn't know your husband stitched--how great! Big Hugs!