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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Another Finish and Look What I have!!

This is a limited edition piece from Ink Circles called Immaculate Hart.  It came with specialty handspun threads.  ARGH!  What a nightmare those threads were.  It looks cool but geez.  If anyone would like the chart with the left over threads, write to me a  First come, first serve.

For Christmas my sister made the wooden plaque with a photo of the old cabin on it.  I am hoping to build a new one this year.  I love this and it will be hung up in the new camp.  She also found a metal bell similar to the one my Mom used to call us home at camp.  The noise was enough to travel up and down the river and even bring my brother in his boat back to camp.  Ahh - the memories.


Ruth said...

Beautiful stitching -- sorry the threads were so darned annoying.

Love the camp goodies, and you letting us in on your fond memories. :)

Maggee said...

Yes, I remember you sharing about the cabin and rebuilding it... How is that going? Apparently it was a BIG part of your life, since you are making a new one! I look forward to seeing it progress, if you share... The plaque will be a perfect compliment in a cabin! Hugs!