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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Woodland Babies - Bunny

Yesterday I didn't have needle and thread even meet.  It was a crazy day.  I did make several accomplishments with the embroidery machine but those are Christmas presents and I don't want to talk about them or show them yet.  Today I did a bit of stitching.  I am working on the bunny and perhaps I will have him done later tonight.  I am deep into Christmas shopping and wrapping now so stitching is taking a back seat.  I notice that my yahoo lists are very quiet also.  I imagine it is because everyone is busy with the upcoming holiday.  It will be my first Christmas at home in over a very long time.  The lights are up, the tree is ready, cookies are planned, presents are getting done, wrapping is progressing.  We have been having really warm weather and we know that won't last forever.  I keep hoping I can be done with running around before the bad weather finds us.  Wish me luck.  LOL. 

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