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Saturday, December 31, 2011

88 Fnishes for the year 2011!!

I did it!! I finished block #4 this evening.  I do believe I will set the afghan aside for a bit and try something new for a little bit.

Here is block #3 and #4 together so you can get a better picture of the two together.  I did not stitch number 3.  I love this design.  
Here is the back of the afghan.  My block is on the left in this picture.  The lady that did the previous stitching on this did not use the 'over one' method of stitching.  So her back shows only the simple vertical stitches on the back.  This makes it next to impossible to bury the end of a thread.  So she tied little knots at the end of the thread.  There are tails everywhere.  Using the over one method causes a bulky back that is easy to bury threads in. 

I hope to have even more finishes next year.  2010 was not over 100 when my husband retired and I had major surgery.  2011 saw a major cross country move.  I am hoping that things will be calm in 2012 and I get even more stitching done. 


Carol said...


Your finishes and all of your work is beautiful!! I love everything you make. Also, your son has such a talent in all of his work. May you and Jack have a Happy New Year. I wish you all the best. Have seen your posts on 123 stitch and that is how I started looking at your blog.

Stitchin' & Scrappin" said...

Just saw your contribution to TGOS. Congrats!!

viv said...

What a great number of finishes. The afghan is lovely. Happy New Year and Happy New Finishes.

chrisstitches said...

Love the afghan with the, 88 finishes...only 18 for me.

Liz said...

I'm still looking for all the rest of the magazines with the Hummingbird Afghan in them. I've found quite a few since our move, but still not all of them. That has now moved to the top of my list for this year. Yours is so beautiful!!! It's all your fault! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog when searching for some advice. I have just started the hummingbird afghan. I was unable to get the suggested afghan, so I chose the Gloria Afghan by Zweigart. Because of this, I won't be separating the blocks. It is ivory, not tan and I think that is going to cause the white on the trellis to not pop the way it is supposed to. I have started at the top center (block 3) and have the flowers done. It was practically impossible to tell when the daisies had been stitched. Starting on the trellis is my next step. I am considering changing it's color...possibly a very light pink or violet or someone painted their trellis another color. I am being mindful of the blue bow that crosses, and not causing that to blend or clash.
I would truly appreciate your advice on this. I have also toyed with the idea of blending the white with one of the suggested colors. Do you have any ideas?
Also, could you explain the "over one" technique you use that makes the back of your afghan look so amazing?
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!
Pittsburgh, PA

Taffy said...

Anonymous - You are certainly working the problem with all the good suggestions you already have. Blending fibers for the trellis or the daisies would work. The trellis is also back stitched so that will help to make it stand out. Have you thought about using a different white? B5200 or 3865 (winter white?)? Blending white with a soft grey, slight pink, pale blue? So many choices. I do have a special method of doing the 'over one' and would love to share it. I also wrote up 'afghan notes' after doing my first afghan. I would love to share both if I can get an email address. Can you send an email to I would be very happy to share.