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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Nan's Christmas Tree Hat

 The tree skirt is almost done.  As I look at it, I realize that I still need to do a bit of back stitching.  This looks large but it is quite small.  I am having fun doing this little project.

Then I moved on to the tree.  Birds, snowflakes and presents are located on the this tree.


Ann said...

Hi Taffy,

I've had my eye on this one as well! Great that you've started it! It's looking good (so far ;-)!

For me the Just Nan Christmas workshop will have to wait a little (have other x-mas stitching for the moment)!

Kind greetings from Belgium!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I was wondering if you still had the chart and finishing instructions for the JN christmas workshop etui to sell?